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Equipment Leasing

Custom leasing plans for high tech equipment.

Asset ownership is not always the best use of capital or the least expensive way to use declining value assets. Lease solutions are a hedge against technological obsolescence, can preserve capital and borrowing capacity and solve capital budget constraints.1

Why K2

At K2 | Popular Equipment Finance2 we are agile, hands-on, and creative problem-solvers who work with you to build customized solutions that fit your medical equipment needs. You’re not going to find that sort of dedication and flexibility without the experience and expertise we offer.

Vertical Focus

K2 specializes in the healthcare industry but also serves many Fortune 1000’s as well as local and private companies.

Equipment Types

We specialize in high tech assets:
Imaging equipment
— Operating room equipment
— Diagnostic equipment
— Robotics
— Information technology

Why Equipment Leasing Makes Sense:1,3

Conserves Capital

With a lease, a customer’s capital isn’t tied up in equipment or systems costs. A general rule of thumb: invest in things that appreciate and finance things which depreciate.

Flexible & Convenient

Leasing allows customers to structure payments to fit their budget and includes custom-tailored billing cycles matched to cash flow or budgetary requirements.

100% Financing & Fixed Rates

K2 will lease 100% of the equipment costs with fixed rates and no down payment requirement.

Hedge Against Technological Obsolescence

Advances in technology are constant. Lessees need to stay current to compete, improve patient care, and  attract and retain the best personnel. Leasing provides additional flexibility to affordably acquire the latest technology. The lessor bears the burden of technological risk.

Manage Cash Flow

Pay for equipment as you use it, not before. Manage cash flows by matching revenues with operating expenses. Equipment use generates revenue and profits.

Easy Product Migration

Simple add-on processes make it easy to acquire additional equipment at any point during the term of the lease.

We offer a variety of lease types depending on your business needs.

View Leasing Options

“K2 Capital has been our preferred financing partner for the better part of 8 years. My experience with them has been nothing but amazing. They have the ability to deliver hands-on customized solutions to meet the specific challenges my company faces on a daily basis. K2’s professional sales team and state of the art documentation packaging makes for a seamless transaction. They’re easy to work with, manage the equipment procurement process well, and are innovative in their creative structuring. Grateful to have K2 as a partner.”

— Joe, Equipment Planning Manager, Fortune 5 Affiliate Company